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This is my Promod Mod Test it out .

>Released by Dulkith <

>Overedited by Tree <

> Trees Promod // If u would like to work on this Mod Add me on Steam i will give the source code for this Mod.


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Screenshots Are not up to date.
There is some stuff changed from Sles to Trees Promod

Posted on 29.02.2020 / 21:08

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Posted on 29.02.2020 / 21:10

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Gotta say... I've seen those menus in other server before

Still... credits for effort
(a mod which was developed about 2 years ago)

Posted on 03.03.2020 / 14:19

Yeah if u can read my topic it says "Dulkit" Its Dulkits Mod Overedited by me "tree-.-"

And i give my source out who will work on my "Overedited Dulkit Mod"

Posted on 03.03.2020 / 14:35

Its not created by Dulkit either...
Original developer (of the menu atleast, prlly some more items in the mod.. Not bothering to download) is made by Poseidon from Vikings promod

Posted on 03.03.2020 / 15:10

If you feel like triting to me even more about this mod's legitimacy of who was its original developer. Feel free to PM and I can send couple screenshots

Posted on 03.03.2020 / 15:20

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New Menu?
If you want to steal, do it so that I don't notice it!

Stolen from my Modern Promod!


1. menu_button_backg.iwi
2. menu_button_backg_left.iwi
3. menu_button_backg_right.iwi
4. menu_button_backgp.iwi

Do you want me to keep going?

Further development: My Release 2014

If you want to see the original mod, you can do it here:


Posted on 03.03.2020 / 20:24

It's easy to unzip the mods since the decompression patch had been released!

Posted on 08.03.2020 / 3:57

So give up the credits, I congratulate you for the mod of the link you left, the truth is good, another thing I want to tell you is that you look through the cod4x forum. You will find me The source of the mod in several categories, greetings! There I think you can request your well-deserved credits greetings!

Posted on 08.03.2020 / 4:03

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can you give me the source

Posted on 04.04.2020 / 19:12

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