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For the most up to date source code, check the official GitHub repository:

I strongly advise against building from the download, though, no one's gonna stop you. These files will likely be outdated soon as they do not reflect changes after this submission.

For instructions on how to set up a server for this mod, check the GitHub page or the included Be aware that a config file is not included, any surf-specific dvars you may wish to add to your config can be found in the "surf\_dvar.gsc" file.


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fake atrX ...

Posted on 26.09.2017 / 4:29

So the guy who claims he's worked on the mod but in reality hasn't and is nowhere to be found in the commit history of the GitHub page which has been in use BEFORE THE MOD WENT PUBLIC is now going to claim I'm a fake? I don't know what you've been smoking...

Posted on 26.09.2017 / 10:37

Posted on 26.09.2017 / 11:34

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