zero's cfg [bug fixed]

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hey its zero, its my currnent cfg, older one was deleted for little bug..
now its completly bug free ,

here are some guide for use this cfg:

1.after opening cfg use this command to change fps con_maxfps "125/250" dont use 'com_maxfps' that will not work on my cfg
2. pressing 5 team command "on me" "am planting cover me"
3. pressing 6 team command "area secrued"
4. pressing f7&f8 have 2 flim tweaks , i will prefer to use them [lighting: stock mode]
5.pressing k u will got a slogan :v

and yeah i use them with a costom sky [ ], for better looks..

hope u will like it.. if any qustion or suggestions comments down below


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tell me where i past this file??

Posted on 05.10.2017 / 15:26

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are u on cod4 1.7 or 1.8 patch? , if 1.7 go to cod4 folder>player>whatever urplayer name> copy paste there, or if 1.8 patch press ur pc's windows button>write "run" on searchbox> on run search for appdata>local>cod4mw> player>whatevrr ur player name>copy paste there.. ... happy gaming

Posted on 05.10.2017 / 22:44

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Ei llow!

Posted on 04.01.2018 / 14:13

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