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No holes,yay!It includes everything you would want,from official sounds,models,anims to even an upgraded version.
I couldn't do this port alone,so I want to thank multiple people for making this port possible:
-DamianoTBM: Massive help with the port
-DTZxPorter: Wraith
-DrLilRobot: T7-T5 Convertion Rig
-Scobalula: Maya add-on for anims
-Call of Duty Wiki: Stats
-Treyarch: Models,anims,sounds
I hope you enjoy this port!


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you're getting better and better m8

Posted on 15.04.2017 / 15:39

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Looks nice

Posted on 15.04.2017 / 17:12

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You did a good job

Posted on 16.04.2017 / 0:42

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Port looks great but the download doesn't seem to include a soundalias file.

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 15:27

Sorry I forgot to include it.
Get it from here:

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 15:36

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The fire sounds work fine but for some reason, none of reload sounds are working -

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 16:10

Did you change the notetracks in the weapon file?
Also be sure you include this in your mod.csv:sound,t7_famas,,all_mp

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 18:51

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My bad, I instinctively used all_sp instead of all_mp. Works perfectly now

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 21:29

I'm glad to hear that

Posted on 20.04.2017 / 22:24

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