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So i guess that many many people want the honeybadger to their custom map....
I don't blame you, it's such a beautiful gun with so much detail... Shouts to Infinity Ward for such a good gun

gun has nml and spec map

i also made an upgraded version of the gun called the bee movie (stale meme at this point) with a neon camo i made myself which has nml and spec map as well.... it lights up as long as you have lights on your map

make sure you change the viewhands on the weapon files to the viewhands you desire


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I don't know if I'm messing something up,but the weapon just doesn't work.I tried changing the hands in the weapon file,still nothing.

Posted on 16.03.2017 / 12:26

Dami has my anims for the honey badger, ask him! It has a grip,fast mags and reddot. Just the model is up to you or someone else. I'll be back in 7/13.

Posted on 16.03.2017 / 13:05

well the gun did work for me with black ops 2 viewhands so i dont know what is the issue

Posted on 16.03.2017 / 13:28

Dami is doing currently an NV4 for me with those anims lol.
I just wanted to see how this port is.

Posted on 16.03.2017 / 14:14

im dying to see somebody porting the cod ghosts kriss vector carbine

Posted on 19.03.2017 / 17:26

Use ugx WeaponsEditor,1535.html

Posted on 01.04.2017 / 16:50

@TorbeloxX I'm gonna do a Ghosts Weapon Pack,which will include the Vector

Posted on 15.04.2017 / 15:02

plz dude you are awesome

Posted on 29.04.2017 / 2:45

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So I included the weapon into dlc3_code.gsc and the zombiemode_weapons.gsc and then I copied and pasted the mod.csv into the fastfile mod.csv box in launcher. I built the mod and then even compiled the mapname_patch.gsc and for whatever reason it doesn't even appear in my map. I typed "give all" into the developer box to give me all of the weapons and it doesn't show up. I also typed "give honeybadger" into the developer box in game and still nothing happens. Anyone might know what I may be doing wrong? I've triple checked my scripts making sure it's typed right and that I included it correctly in the files and nothing is wrong. Please help! Thanks in advance!!

Posted on 28.08.2017 / 7:41

UPDATE: So I noticed when I built my mod in launcher it gave me this notification:

failed loading 'sp/honeybadger' of type 'weapon' found in source file '../zone_source/mod.csv'
failed loading 'sp/honeybadger_upgraded' of type 'weapon' found in source file '../zone_source/mod.csv'

I'm assuming this is my problem here, but I am not sure on how to fix it. Any advice???

Posted on 28.08.2017 / 10:51

And yes I do have the weapon files included in my mod's weapon/sp folder.

Posted on 28.08.2017 / 10:52

did you check the weapon files on mod builder?

Posted on 14.09.2017 / 21:36

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