sMv Promod Version 1.6.1a

File description

sMv Promod is a modified version of pml220..

Features Included:

Customizable Final killcam
Customizable Music & Sounds (Add upto 50 music files)
In-Built Admin Menu
Training or Knife Area for SD
SplashCard Popups
Unreal Sounds
Additional Plugin scripts support
Working Add to Favorites Button in menu
More Effects (like blood pool, extrablood, cash..etc)
Limited client cheat-dvar forcing (Anti-cheat)

Sorry, I didnt uploaded any sound files or custom skin files here...Im connecting from a remote area in India. . My bandwidth is too low here, so it would take hours to upload
those files..So I only uploaded essential files here...

If you need custom skin files and sound files, Use the below link.. You can download the latest or updated versions or bug fixed versions of this mod using the same link..
Always look the changelog.txt file for changes made in the Mod

There might be a lot of bugs in the mod..If any one reported, the fixed/modified mod will be available from above link

Thanks to all who supported for making this mod


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Hello Guys,
Latest Version of this mod smv_promod162a has been released with more Features... New Features includes A responsive End VoteMap (Menu Based with Map Image Tiles [mouse selection] )
More Bugfixes
& more....

You Can download it from

Posted on 03.10.2016 / 17:02

can it be modified by any other LAN hoster?

Posted on 20.11.2016 / 11:44

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can it be modified by any other LAN hoster?

Posted on 19.11.2016 / 20:02

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some songs play few times and some songs not even play 1 time. please help me

Posted on 21.02.2017 / 17:37

Killcam songs are totally random so you can't do anything about it

Posted on 06.07.2018 / 22:48

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