Captain America V2

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I improved this model by adding;

-First Person Viewhands model


-Improved textures

-Better Weight painting


Hope you like it!



screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 3


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Looks great. Nice work. Hands are very nice.

Posted on 06.05.2015 / 13:55

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Can I recruit you as Model Assistant? To edit some .ma models the way i will instruct and make em Xmodel_export? For Singleplayer please.

Posted on 06.05.2015 / 18:37

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Posted on 07.05.2015 / 18:08

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Lenny what wepons name is that pistol gun??

Posted on 07.05.2015 / 23:06

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That's the b23R from bo2, it's on cfgfactory. I beleive it's made by Sanya.

Posted on 07.05.2015 / 23:21

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Lennerd6 can you help me by combining MW2 and Cod4 head and bodymodels to make Fullbodymodels for SP?

Posted on 08.05.2015 / 15:19

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Yes what is the problem?

Posted on 08.05.2015 / 18:14

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Ok so This is how i edit and export Models in maya 12.
When i import em with assman i set animated and then make character assets to combine with bodymodels. My edited models are static ingame and i dont know what i do wrong. The .xmodel_export file that is exported from maya has bones written in it, when opened with txt.
What do you think?

Posted on 09.05.2015 / 18:41

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I don't think you can just remove bones like that. After you deleted the bones have you tried moving the remaining ones to see if they are still bound to the skin?

Posted on 09.05.2015 / 19:28

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Any ideas on How to properly Remove bones?

Posted on 09.05.2015 / 22:17

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It's technically not possible to 'remove' bones without the whole animation messing up, unless you modify the fullbody xanims to not use those bones.

Posted on 12.05.2015 / 0:49

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How do I apply this?

Posted on 05.08.2015 / 15:11

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Where to paste it ....plz help!!!!!

Posted on 03.02.2017 / 21:40

Do people still download this?

Posted on 12.02.2017 / 16:06

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