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For me, there are five days left until Christmas. So why not release a gun for each day remaining?

Gun 1/5 is the M1911 from Black Ops 2. It is seen in the campaign and also zombies.

Official stats and sounds from Black Ops 2.

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Credit Tom-BMX for his tools that make porting weapons between Call of Duty titles easier.

Enjoy and happy holidays!


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Nice work man straight up 10/10 I know how is needed for this

Posted on 21.12.2014 / 5:50

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Posted on 13.03.2015 / 18:45

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how do you install the mod?

Posted on 13.06.2015 / 4:54

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como se intalar ??

Posted on 27.09.2015 / 1:54

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When I'm trying to load the compiled mod (I have compile a totally new mod with the model without any errors), it says: Couldn't load image '_gmtl_t6_wpn_pistol_m1911_col'

Posted on 27.11.2016 / 4:47

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Great work!

Posted on 07.02.2018 / 22:50

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