COD4: "Rooftops" Demo 2# [RELEASE]

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I am Happy to introduce the 2nd Demo of my Call of Duty 4 Project; Call of Duty 4 "Rooftops " Campaign Mappack.

Its a longer and upgrated version of the first Demo. So if you havent played the first demo, you wont loose anything.

I would really appretiate it if you watched the trailer and spread this demo to your friends cod fans. The next and last demo before the Final release will be possibly released in October 2014. Enjoy and please its a one man work both video editing and mapping, it was really hard make such progress(videos and playable demos)

More info: In the site linked.


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Posted on 30.08.2014 / 11:09

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Um, what are you talking about? I didn't modify the main menu....
Its a custom singleplayer map in cod4...

Posted on 30.08.2014 / 14:41

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