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Simple L96A1 port from BO1 to CoD4. Made by request for CarA because the one on here had a suppressor on it :c


I assume you all know how to install these by now. :trollface: koene even did a new tutorial on it! It's a completely new gun, so it doesn't replace anything. You'll need to /give it in game or use CoD4DM to change your gun to l96a1_mp.


Have fun!


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Nice port, but the one on here is also without silencer

Posted on 15.08.2014 / 15:19

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Posted on 15.08.2014 / 15:28

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So the first L96A1 wasnt the official port? looks good but wish it came out cleaner without white lines in the scope, needs some lotion ;-)

Posted on 15.08.2014 / 18:34

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Someone should really port the blackops 1 hands from the picture i put^

Posted on 15.08.2014 / 18:35

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@koene didn't know carA said it didn't so I just did it from scratch xD

@HANNY I can try if I get time today I thought there are some on CFGF already? I don't know if the first one was an official port, because it said v2, but yeah

Posted on 16.08.2014 / 0:21

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Well we have 2 versions. I think V2 has more attachments

Posted on 16.08.2014 / 12:05

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yes yes! when you have time plz do port those exact gloves, or maybe similar gloves just like that but without the white and maybe darker sleeves if you even have that in black ops 1?

Posted on 17.08.2014 / 0:39

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Posted on 23.08.2014 / 21:04

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When I'm trying to rebuild the mod, it's says to me this:
ERROR: Couldn't find material 'mtl_weapon_scope_redfield_lens_interior2'
I have watched the tutorial, and I did the same...

Posted on 27.11.2016 / 4:37

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Posted on 06.02.2018 / 18:19

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