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Hi, for my 2nd custom model, I wan't to upload something nice, as the SVT40 :)




Hi my name is MrMELSUIN, I love Mod cod's. :PSalut, mon nom est MrMELUSIN, j'adore modder les Call of's. :P
Merci de me demander des droits de publication si vous voulez publier mon fichier sur n'importe quel site !Thanks for answer me Cpoyrights for uploading my files on a site of your choice !


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Sorry Admin, in tags you put mrmelsuin, but you must put MrMELUSIN, but that's not a prob, i lov this site man

Posted on 12.10.2012 / 18:52

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tags are created automatically and they do never contain any uppercase letters or something

Posted on 12.10.2012 / 19:12

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Kar98k please

Posted on 12.10.2012 / 20:56

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@DiiSHoNoR >>>
search the next time on this page,lazy dog

Posted on 14.10.2012 / 20:33

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That's for single player, or at least it didnt work when I tried to use it last time. i'll give it another go though, since that was a long time ago

Posted on 15.10.2012 / 4:39

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're running great for me

Posted on 15.10.2012 / 23:12

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Hey DiiSHoNoR, if you wan't I can Upload it, but i dont think that the admin with accept it , cuz i have it with the right files, you know

Posted on 18.10.2012 / 22:00

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Posted on 13.11.2012 / 8:09

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