Homefront M4

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ported M4 from HomeFront.

Pack include everything you need (and maybe things which you neednt, lol). 

22 Types, Custom hud, Sound, anims ect.


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its nice tbh but it's possible to use it in singleplayer too? ( i want play cod4 singeplayer again after x years smiley )

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 17:11

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If u edit some stuff in the weapon files then its possible yes.

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 17:14

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looks amazing smiley

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 17:45

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bad for me its that i cant do that smiley smiley

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 17:45

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That is really awesome! I wished we could use these custom models without a modded multiplayer server. Just we can see it... smiley

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 17:56

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GunHunt Soon, Soon u will be able to play with it on mp servers.

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 18:20

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Thats nice

Posted on 12.11.2011 / 23:14

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@koene007, what do you mean? when will that be? smiley lol

Posted on 13.11.2011 / 19:17

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how do i take off the silencer, acog, reflex, grenade launcher, and holographic when using the assetmanager? cuz then i can put it in my new singleplayer mod coming 2012 (obviously ur name is going to be in the credits for porting/making it) smiley

Posted on 26.11.2011 / 16:32

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Eh, use hidetags option. For GL you should add it yourself, since AssMan doesnt allow it. Anyway, what'a a problem just change mp to sp and use it? Or does it has so big difference?

Posted on 30.11.2011 / 11:46

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nice nice i really enjoy your work but hell im too dumb for installing it smiley the tut isnt enough for meh =(

Posted on 20.12.2011 / 12:24

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this would look nice in waw zombies smiley

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 14:42

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